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Emulex to mop up remaining Endace shares after crossing threshold

Endace founding CEO Selwyn Pellett

The takeover will see Endace delist from the AIM exchange, where it has struggled to gain investor attention for its innovations in network visibility.

Emulex secures 88% acceptance rate in Endace bid

Founding shareholder Selwyn Pellett

However, the bid for the Auckland developer of computer network visibility products is not conditional on a full takeover.

Endace’s US buyer gets OIO approval for $156m buyout, continued access to taxpayer funding

Selwyn Pellett

US company’s $156 million offer for Endace in the mail

Endace board unanimously recommends all shareholders accept the Emulex offer.

Steven Joyce in Twitter war with Selwyn Pellett over Endace sale


UPDATE: Joyce tells NBR ONLINE he has no problem with Endace - now set to fall into foreign ownership - pocketing $11 million in government R&D grants.

Taxpayer millions will go to shareholders as US co makes $156m offer for NZ's Endace - founding CEO Selwyn Pellett

Endace founding CEO Selwyn Pellett: mixed feelings

Yet another tech company that has received millions in government grants set to fall into overseas ownership. UPDATED Founder voices fears; US suitor meets with government, talks to NBR.