Pew Environment Group chief executive Bronwen Golder

Fishing, mining interests in Kermadec sanctuary won't attract compensation

Tue 29 Sep 1

At the UN General Assembly in New York, John Key announced plans to create a 620,00sq km ocean sanctuary in the Kermadec Islands region.

Ann Brower

Brower welcomes Kermadec protection zone

Tue 29 Sep

Culmination of nine years work to preserve pristine area.

Environment Minister Nick Smith (TV3)

Smith seeks collaboration between farmers and environmentalists on bio-diversity

Fri 14 Aug 2

Nick Smith outlined plans for four new NPSs and the same number of new National Environmental Standards.

Environment Minister Nick Smith (TV3)

Democracy-lite for Environment Canterbury

Wed 8 Jul 1

The new model for Enrivonment Canterbury provides for limited elected represenatation.

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright

GNS points finger at soil and sea spray as cause of air pollution

Wed 29 Apr

The closing date looms next week for public submissions on Ecan’s draconian proposed new air plan.

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright

Expect a knock on the door some night this winter from the air quality police


A new report questions the way air quality is being measured.


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