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Copyright chilling effects: New Zealand geo-unblocking edition

Thu 9 Apr 15 2

Eric Crampton on the rights-holders' cease and desist letter to New Zealand ISPs offering "Global Mode" services.

Dr Eric Crampton

GST on low-cost imports bought online – yea or nay?

Wed 25 Mar 15 5

NBR poll participants weigh in on online GST reform talks.

New Zealand Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton

Alterations to NZ’s online GST rules could cost the economy

Mon 23 Mar 15 6

“Even through a coordinated OECD regime, it seems unlikely that many small sellers would be interested in navigating that kind of bureaucracy.”

New Zealand Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton

Editor's Insight: A growth story worth reading

Fri 13 Mar 15 3

Growth has not only obvious economic benefits but moral ones as well

Christchurch Cathedral showing the effects of the February 2011 earthquake

Dreaming A New City: Optimistic for Christchurch long term, pessimistic for short term

Fri 27 Feb 15 1

Will Christchurch really recover from the earthquakes?

NZ Police Supt Sandra Manderson (TV3): Officers will be vigilant against "courtsiders"

Cricket World Cup: Why does the ICC care about 'courtsiding'?

Mon 16 Feb 15 5

And why are plainclothes cops patroling for "cheats" who place bets based on up-to-date information at the game, as opposed to those on 15-second TV delay?


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