Eric Watson

Hunter's Corner: Please lord, save us from the stadium enthusiasts

Fri 25 Mar

Stadiums are vast sinkholes for public money. We do not need another one

Eric Watson

Please lord, save us from the stadium enthusiasts

Holiday Review 18

The stadium virus has returned. With special feature audio.

Wayne Scurrah

Scurrah cements status as one of Watson's MVPs

Fri 23 Oct

Ex-NZ Warriors CEO racks up more Watson-related directorships.

Mark Hotchin

Hanover money vests with Crown

Mon 21 Sep

An unknown sum of money has been transferred from a defunct Hanover company to the Crown.

Mark Hotchin

Hanover sister company wins claim against bankrupt's brother

Tue 8 Sep 1

FAI Money had sought $386,267 in repayment for a $300,000 loan but won judgment for $137,000 against a negligent trustee.


NBR reporter Hamish McNicol talks about Hanover on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Evan Christian on the driveway of his $8.65 million home

Gate closed in Rich Lister driveway dispute

Mon 3 Aug 1

Evan Christian says the win in the expensive year-long battle is a victory for all parents, while admitting most couldn't afford it.


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