Guest columnist: Microsoft ploy avoids ‘cloud’ data grab

Fri 5 Feb

The EU and the US have widely differing privacy policies

IMOVED.ME: The internet-based business helps people as they move house

The strange saga of a digital agency and its clients

Fri 5 Feb

The curious case of Auckland digital agency Little Giant’s involvement with internet companies offering an identical service landed on lawyers’ desks this week.


Massey University media studies lecturer Sy Taffel

Facebook blocks ‘hate speech’ for users

Fri 29 Jan 3

Germany clamps down on anti-refugee speech by leaning on Facebook.

What happens when Facebook unfriends you?

Thu 28 Jan 1

Who thinks letting corporations decide what we can and cannot say is a good idea? Anyone? Didn't think so. With special audio feature.

Zuck checks Messenger. Or maybe WhatsApp.

Facebook says Messenger now accounts for big chunk of the world's calls

Fri 8 Jan

Apps are taking over messaging and calling. For Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees, it's going to become all about selling mobile data.

Edward Snowden: His spying revelations boosts encryption software to pull people beyond the eyes of spies

Five Eyes spies are developing cataracts

Fri 11 Dec

The war on privacy has been raging for the past few years.



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