Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg (TV3)

Facebook introduces scheme to verify NZ businesses' pages

Wed 7 Oct 1

Grey badge to verify businesses on Facebook.

Ah, there she is … the old faithful

Fri 25 Sep

Our industry and our clients are obsessed by the new and shiny. Ten years ago we were dazzled by the possibilities of social media. More recently, the newest, shiniest toy in the sandpit has been content marketing.

Facebook creative strategist Gavin Carver

Instagram ads hit Kiwi shores

Fri 11 Sep

Campaigns could cost more than $1 million.

Ben Goodale

Content must be consistent with the brand

Fri 28 Aug

A recent Gartner study found 78% of global CMOs believe content is the future of marketing; and this year over 90% of traffic on the internet will be video. New Zealand is seeing the impact of this now.

Professor Joseph Nye

Ideas matter: UK unexpectedly tops new 'soft power' index ahead of US

Fri 21 Aug

First comprehensive study on soft power reveals unexpected shifts in which countries control the power of words.

Newland Burling & Co Ltd's Olly Newland

Property finance ad on Facebook deemed 'contradictory and confusing'

Tue 18 Aug 2

ASA rules Facebook advertisement to be removed for confusing customers.


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