Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg: why editors were wrong to damn Facebook for censorship

Tue 13 Sep

Facebook’s recent decision to block a Norwegian user’s post containing the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of children.

Nadia Cook

CAANZ: Staying ahead in the digital age

Fri 9 Sep

The world is in the middle of a technological revolution. People are living in a global community where they expect everything in an instant – whether it’s transport, accommodation or ordering McDonalds.

Xero CEO Rod Drury

Xero launching Facebook chatbot

Fri 9 Sep 1

Hey Xero will answer basic questions and allow clients to check their latest financial data.

TRY FORBES: And this message greets the user

You shall not pass – unless you unblock your ad unblocker

Fri 12 Aug

As ever larger portions of advertisers’ budgets move into digital media in New Zealand (up 31% in 2015 year on year), some investments are landing in turbulent waters, with burgeoning adoption of ad blocking a key concern.

Martin Sneddon


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