Fairfax Media chief executive Greg Hywood

Fairfax first-half profit slumps on one-time charges, continuing Ebitda down 8.7%

Thu 19 Feb

The first-half earnings of A$86 million.

An image from Sugar & Partners' TAB campaign

Marketing plays of the week: beds, beersies and betting

Fri 7 Nov

NZ Defence Force ambushes Aucklanders, a big 'nah, yeah' for Beersies campaign, and Sleepyhead vamps it up

Judge accepted emails stolen from Whale Oil's computer are of public interest, but also said court must be concerned about deterring hackers.

Slater loses bid to gag media

Fri 5 Sep

High Court rules media outlets can report information they have obtained from the hacker RawShark (aka Whaledump). RAW DATA: Judgment in full.

Queenstown Hilton sold to Chinese, Countdown warned against ‘underarm,’ plasterboard claims challenged and taxman slams door

Fri 23 May

Secretive hedge fund sells luxurious resort hotel to Chinese interests


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