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Telecom: Superfast UFB plans on g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gigahold

Departing Ultrafast Fibre CEO Maxine Elliott

Telecom sees new 1Gbit/s top-speed plan UFB services as a natural complement to the unlimited data plan recently introduced under its "Giganaire" promotion. But the four wholesale UFB companies are not taking the same approach to inputs, it says, causing technical headaches.

Access to ultra fast broadband is a critical aspect of a property for sale

Alistair Helm

Gigacountry: the UFB up north

Paul Brislen

Paul Brislen goes to Whangarei to look at the city's UFB rollout 

I’ll have free UFB with that coffee, please

Stephen Martin: fibre means he can use café as a second office

Can a café sell more coffee by improving its broadband connection?

Slam from Sam sees resort upgrade to fibre

Telecom boss: residential fibre launch next month

CallPlus/Slingshot CEO Mark Callander

The fibre war is about to ramp up a notch | Moutter admits he was hit by the Yahoo phishing attack. UPDATED with comment on UFB numbers from Orcon, CallPlus.