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Access to ultra fast broadband is a critical aspect of a property for sale

Alistair Helm

Gigacountry: the UFB up north

Paul Brislen

Paul Brislen goes to Whangarei to look at the city's UFB rollout 

I’ll have free UFB with that coffee, please

Stephen Martin: fibre means he can use café as a second office

Can a café sell more coffee by improving its broadband connection?

Slam from Sam sees resort upgrade to fibre

Telecom boss: residential fibre launch next month

CallPlus/Slingshot CEO Mark Callander

The fibre war is about to ramp up a notch | Moutter admits he was hit by the Yahoo phishing attack. UPDATED with comment on UFB numbers from Orcon, CallPlus.

Adams: Vibrant fibre market more important than low prices

Amy Adams: consumers and industry want certainty

The government plans to accelerate its timetable for reviewing the regulatory regime for telecommunications services.