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FMA Director of Compliance Elaine Campbell

Britannia takes down TV ads, working with FMA over UK pension ads

Fri 19 Dec 14

"Everyone who advertises at all around the transfer of UK pensions funds to New Zealand comes under that warning"

FMA Director of Compliance Elaine Campbell

FMA warns against misleading UK pension scheme transfers advertising

Thu 18 Dec 14

"We are concerned that people are feeling press-ganged into transferring their pension scheme entitlements from the UK and being put under pressure to act now"

Ed Sullivan

Crown Asset Management discontinues South Canterbury Finance claim

Thu 18 Dec 14 4

Crown Asset Management isn't saying whether it has settled with the former officers.

FMA Director of Enforcement and Investigations Belinda Moffat

FMA won't take SCF civil case

Wed 17 Dec 14 7

FMA says it has closed inquiries into potential civil claims relating to the failure of SCF, saying Crown Asset Management is already doing that.

Financial Markets Authority chief executive Rob Everett

UPDATED: FMA boss says corporate governance in NZ could be better

Thu 11 Dec 14 3

UPDATEDEnsuring sales and advisory services meet the best interests of investors and consumers is one of seven key priorities the FMA identified in its first medium-term risk outlook published today.

Janette Walker

Regulators under fire following 'paltry' settlement

Fri 5 Dec 14 2

Questions are being raised over the robustness of investigations by the CommComm and the FMA into interest rate swaps following a settlement with ANZ Bank.


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