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Financial regulation: Gardening without weeds

Fri 5 Feb

If your job is to prevent weeds, an effective strategy is to cover your garden in asphalt.


Gardening without weeds


People assume a firm with a tick from the FMA can be trusted, both ethically and commercially. This isn’t always the case.

Double entry book-keeping: the next level

Fri 5 Feb

How two related companies with the same auditor can offer incompatible accounts


High Court upholds deregistration of Pakistani-owned FX firm Excelsior Markets

Fri 18 Dec

Justice Gerald Nation today dismissed Excelsior's appeal to overturn its removal from the Financial Services Provider Register.

Intueri Education Group chairman Chris Kelly

FMA reviews Intueri prospectus, says could have been clearer

Wed 16 Dec 2

In a statement, Intueri says the FMA had recommended the company give further consideration to how student enrolment data is disclosed in future communications.

On the money: Living with lower returns

Fri 4 Dec

Recent studies show assumptions of future investment growth now look too optimistic



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