Warminger’s FPH trade ‘a game-changer’: Forsyth Barr

Fri 30 Sep

Broker gives evidence in market manipulation trial.

Mark Warminger (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

FMA declines comment on enforcement pipeline

Thu 29 Sep

Questions asked over whether more market manipulation action pending.

Mark Warminger (left) arrives at the High Court (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

NZX providing guidelines on definition of market manipulation

Wed 28 Sep

NZX is meeting with brokers to better define market manipulation but the FMA may not be involved.

Warminger complained of 'aggressive selling' in email to NZX

Wed 28 Sep

"It created a strong impression of price rigging" – NZX market surveillance manager Fraser Wyeth. With special feature audio.

FMA witnesses ‘enthusiastic amateurs’: Warminger defence

Tue 27 Sep 3

Lawyer pours scorn on FMA suggestion fund manager was under pressure at Milford. Plus, will Brian Gaynor be called?

Was Goldman doing it too?

Tue 27 Sep 2

Warminger defence may argue trading by Goldman Sachs sought to move F&P share price, says FMA counsel. With special feature audio.  


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