Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

Fellow tax expert shoots down Morgan's reform idea

Wed 8 Jun 28

Tax everything people own, says Gareth Morgan. With special feature audio.

Gareth Morgan

READER POLL RESULT: Irresistible aroma of an NZ Inc ‘earning opportunity’

Mon 16 May

Shock outcome! Majority of respondents reckon Morgan’s on to a winner. With special feature audio.

Gareth Morgan

Panama Papers and a foreign squatters tax

Thu 12 May 13

OPINION:  Where is the line drawn between privacy and outing the bad people? PLUS: Why not introduce a "squatter's tax" on NZ-domiciled foreign trusts rather than kick them out?

Jones on everything: Shoot the editors and be done with this nonsense!

Fri 6 May

Imagine this criminal court scenario. A, respected and upright citizen, noted for his calm disposition, is facing double murder charges; his victims; the New Zealand Herald and Dominion Post editors.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

A land tax just for foreigners? Come on John, you’re better than this

Thu 28 Apr 22

OPINION: If you are going to tax land, why not tax the houses that stand on them also?

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

The biggest tax dodge of them all


The more truth there is to this perception.


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