Sir Michael Cullen on Q+A

Emails not necessarily private – Sir Michael Cullen

Sun 19 Jul 1

Helen Clark's former right-hand man prepares to undertake the first ever review of our security agencies.

The Prime Minister at an IoD business breakfast (Tinaz Karbhari)

Focus shift for GCSB

Thu 25 Jun 1

By 2017, the GCSB will be doing more work in the private sector – Prime Minister John Key.

Former Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) officer Dr Rhys Ball

New US spy bill won't hurt GCSB collection

Thu 4 Jun 1

Post-9/11 spy powers to be reined in with new Freedom Act.

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Cheryl Gwyn (TV3)

Inquiry launched into GCSB Pacific spying claims

Fri 27 Mar 1

The Inspector-General will assess allegations the GCSB is spying on New Zealanders in the South Pacific.

Andrew Little (TV3)

OPINION: GCSB spying 'outrageous'? Think again, Andrew Little

Wed 25 Mar 4

Despite what Mr Little says, the GCSB doesn't just spy on bad people – it spies on interesting people too. Including the WTO.


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