GCSB Acting Director Una Jagose on The Nation

You'll be notified if Cortex is being used to screen your communications: GCSB head

Sat 3 Oct 1

Patrick Gower asks Una Jagose how the GCSB is fighting an increasing number of cyber attacks and if your privacy is being sacrificed for security's sake.

Journalists question GCSB director Una Jagose at the Technology & Privacy Forum today (@NZPrivacy)

GCSB willing to extend cyber-attack Cortex programme to local ISPs

Tue 29 Sep 3

Una Jagose said the Cortex programme has successfully helped to identify and resolve those threats.

Protester Valerie Morse at the protest (Photo: Jonathan Underhill)

'Stop the Spies' protesters thwart cyber-attacks speech

Fri 11 Sep 1

Protesters foil speech on cyber-attacks.

Sir Michael Cullen on Q+A

Emails not necessarily private – Sir Michael Cullen

Sun 19 Jul 1

Helen Clark's former right-hand man prepares to undertake the first ever review of our security agencies.

The Prime Minister at an IoD business breakfast (Tinaz Karbhari)

Focus shift for GCSB

Thu 25 Jun 1

By 2017, the GCSB will be doing more work in the private sector – Prime Minister John Key.


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