Gerry Brownlee

Labour party’s Canterbury spokeswoman Megan Woods

READER POLL RESULT: NBR readers clear about EQC obligations

Mon 2 May 2

EQC acknowledges it is bound by modern building codes.

EQC acting chief executive Bryan Dunne

EQC denies repair settlement changes anything

Fri 29 Apr

Lawyer Duncan Webb says EQC's reaction is "terrible public relations" and "plainly wrong."

EQC Action Group founder and committee chair Warwick Schaffer and Anthony Harper’s Peter Woods looking at the signed agreement

EQC declaration sets 'as new' standard for repairs and cash settlements

Thu 28 Apr 8

EQC is not allowed to use the 50mm floor re-levelling tolerance in Ministry of Business guidelines.

Christchurch Minister Gerry Brownlee (TV3)

Christchurch: Our national disgrace


OPINION: A dramatic failing over the past five years.

Christchurch Minister Gerry Brownlee

Que Cera Cera – last one to leave turn out the lights

Mon 18 Apr 1

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has decommissioned itself after five years.

Humphry Rolleston

Rich Lister Rolleston takes Regenerate board seat next to Brownlee mate Holden

Fri 15 Apr

The appointment of Mr Holden appears to be a foil against the council appointees.


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