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Gerry Brownlee

EQC's customer relations boss gone by yesterday

Bruce Emson

EQC and Fletcher repair wind down raises alarm bells as biggest repairs awaited

Thousands of wrecked home await removal or demolition in the Avonside area (Chris Hutching)

EQC releases Christchurch flood model progress

Stalled car being towed out of the water (Chris Hutching)

EQC releases its flood model update

Crown calls for high-density Christchurch plans

Gerry Brownlee

50,000 quake repairs done, heaps to go

Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee says more than 50,000 home repairs completed in Christchurch

Earthquake authority hunts investors, tenants in countrywide roadshow

GERRY BROWNLEE: Says convention centre land should be cleared by August