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New Zealand Superfund CEO Adrian Orr

NZ Super Fund tops monthly asset record

Tue 17 Mar 2

NZ's pension fund has reached a monthly high in February, but stayed mum as to how its legal battle with a collapsed Portuguese bank is going.

NZ Super Fund chief executive Adrian Orr

Editor's Insight: Why NZ Super Fund needs investor protection

Mon 23 Feb 2

The Greens and Labour were at the front of critics who attacked the fund for “losing” taxpayers’ money.

New Zealand Superfund CEO Adrian Orr

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL: Does the Super Fund have a good case against the Bank of Portugal?

Mon 23 Feb 1

Find out what NBR subscribers think of the Super Fund's chance of getting $US150 of our lost pensions back.

New Zealand Superfund CEO Adrian Orr

Super Fund gains $250m in January despite Portugese scandal

Fri 20 Feb 13

Under-fire fund reports.

New Zealand Superfund CEO Adrian Orr

Questions linger over Super Fund’s lost $US150m

Fri 20 Feb 18

“The Bank of Portugal is not going to pull a stunt like this without some foundation" - source.

While you were sleeping: Goldman Sachs down on oil

Tue 13 Jan

Oil prices drop after downgraded three-month forecasts.


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