Facebook head of New Zealand Spencer Bailey

Facebook NZ still making a loss, pays $43,000 tax

Mon 15 Jun 2

Facebook NZ and Facebook global report rises in revenue of 42%.


Campbell Gibson talks about Facebook on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Google NZ country manager Tony Keusgen

Surprised? Google NZ moves from loss to profit

Mon 8 Jun 6

Online advertising spend continues to increase and Google pays a little bit more tax.

Ken Auletta on The Nation

Has Google peaked?

Sun 17 May

A top US business journalist answers the question: is Googlezilla a one-trick pony?

Revenue Minister Todd McClay

Should NZ follow Australia’s profit-shifting crackdown? Readers’ verdict

Thu 14 May 2

New Zealand should follow Australia’s move to crack down on profit-shifting by multi-nationals, a majority of NBR ONLINE poll participants believe.

Treasurer Joe Hockey on Australia's profit-shifting crackdown: "Under this new law, when we catch companies cheating, they will have to pay back double what they owe, plus interest."

Australian budget: Hockey details ‘Netflix tax’, ‘Google tax’

Wed 13 May

Australia becomes first OECD country to introduce comprehensive measures against profit-shifting (so popular with tech multinationals) and base-erosion from from GST avoidance. UPDATED


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