Sundar Pichai

Google announces restructuring into Alphabet

Tue 11 Aug

Google has announced a large-scale restructuring into a new parent company called Alphabet.

JEFF BEZOS: If the Amazon founder can set up an e-commerce site and make millions, anyone can – right?

E-commerce: Turning foot traffic into data traffic

Fri 24 Jul

If Amazon founder Jeff Bezos can set up an e-commerce website and make millions of dollars, then anyone can do it, right? Build the site, sell the goods. Simple.

Facebook head of New Zealand Spencer Bailey

Facebook NZ still making a loss, pays $43,000 tax

Mon 15 Jun 2

Facebook NZ and Facebook global report rises in revenue of 42%.


Campbell Gibson talks about Facebook on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Google NZ country manager Tony Keusgen

Surprised? Google NZ moves from loss to profit

Mon 8 Jun 6

Online advertising spend continues to increase and Google pays a little bit more tax.

Ken Auletta on The Nation

Has Google peaked?

Sun 17 May

A top US business journalist answers the question: is Googlezilla a one-trick pony?


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