Ken Auletta on The Nation

Has Google peaked?

Sun 17 May

A top US business journalist answers the question: is Googlezilla a one-trick pony?

Revenue Minister Todd McClay

Should NZ follow Australia’s profit-shifting crackdown? Readers’ verdict

Thu 14 May 2

New Zealand should follow Australia’s move to crack down on profit-shifting by multi-nationals, a majority of NBR ONLINE poll participants believe.

Treasurer Joe Hockey on Australia's profit-shifting crackdown: "Under this new law, when we catch companies cheating, they will have to pay back double what they owe, plus interest."

Australian budget: Hockey details ‘Netflix tax’, ‘Google tax’

Wed 13 May

Australia becomes first OECD country to introduce comprehensive measures against profit-shifting (so popular with tech multinationals) and base-erosion from from GST avoidance. UPDATED

Joe Hockey

Australian budget: Hockey confirms ‘Netflix tax,’ waffles on ‘Google tax’

Tue 12 May 6

UPDATE: Todd McClay says Australia "heading in the right direction" with online tax.

Quickflix NZ MD Paddy Buckley

Snag for Lightbox, Quickflix as Google pulls support for their video format

Tue 21 Apr 3

Bosses of each company respond | Another Game of Thrones technical blooper for Sky TV.

British foreign secretary Philip Hammond

OPINION: We were all tricked by the GCSB privacy debate

Tue 17 Mar 6

Start from the basics. If a product is free, then that thing is not the product – you are the product.


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