Proto-conservative philosopher Edmund Burke

Power, big government, and Kiwi constitutionalism


One minister, in order to be able to say she did not get unpalatable advice, is reputed to now tell officials to withdraw that advice – with special audio feature.

PWC New Zealand tax partner Geof Nightingale

Tax information sweep brings major extension of state power

Mon 16 Nov 2

Tax secrecy changes mean firms' financial information could be used for reasons other than for tax – with special feature audio.

Professor Philip Bobbitt

OPINION: Unilever, TPP and the rise of the market state

Thu 20 Aug 3

The cogs will always keep turning. How can you manipulate them for your benefit?

Philip Bobbitt

OPINION: How to be powerful, and why you are not

Fri 10 Jul 2

This is how you spot a lie.

Who holds the power? Those with the keys to the database.

OPINION: Why I'm afraid of the internet and you should be too – part 3

Thu 4 Dec 3

Part three: True power is information control.


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