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Business NZ Employment Manager Paul Mackay

Business lobby suggests govt intervention in pay equity law

Wed 29 Oct 14 1

Court of Appeal widens scope of pay equity law.

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union head Bill Newson

ERA amendments – 'union bashing' vs 'codifying common sense'

Fri 24 Oct 14 3

Business groups broadly support the changes; the usual suspects, not so much.

Russel Norman and Colin Craig

Craig and Norman kiss and make up

Fri 10 Oct 14
Winston Peters, Peter Dunne and Jamie Whyte (TV3)

Election 2014: outliers will determine govt

Fri 19 Sep 14

Election 2014 is really a choice between more-ish of the same, kind of; or a clutch of left wing parties resembling more a student representative council with delusions of grandeur than an alternative government


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