Green Party

Catherine Delahunty

Greens’ school attack fails truth test

Sat 6 Dec 14 5

The Greens have never let facts spoil their politics. Ms Delahunty continues the tradition.

Green Party’s housing spokesperson Kevin Hauge says even people whose ideologies are in line with a free market perspective, would accept that there is a case of market failure within the housing sector

Expert says housing WoF will push up rent prices and decrease housing supply, Greens blame market failure

Fri 28 Nov 14 3

A property expert has warned the proposed housing WoF could have dire effects on the growing number of renters across the country. 

Labour Finance spokesman David Parker

Labour would have had to tax KiwiSaver more – IRD

Mon 17 Nov 14 3

Make KiwiSaver compulsory and then tax it more? Was that the Labour-Green plan?

James Shaw

A Green MP business can work with

Sat 1 Nov 14

'Better to have 7% and hold the balance of power, than 14% and remain in perpetual opposition' - Matthew Hooton

Business NZ Employment Manager Paul Mackay

Business lobby suggests govt intervention in pay equity law

Wed 29 Oct 14 1

Court of Appeal widens scope of pay equity law.

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union head Bill Newson

ERA amendments – 'union bashing' vs 'codifying common sense'

Fri 24 Oct 14 3

Business groups broadly support the changes; the usual suspects, not so much.


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