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Green Party co-leader James Shaw on The Nation

Shaw says Greens will look at "joined-up policy" with Labour

Sun 20 Sep 2

James Shaw on how he’s helping the party win more supporters and how friendly other political parties are towards the Greens.

Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson (@JeremyCorbynmp)

Corbyn, political leadership and lessons for New Zealand

Mon 14 Sep 5

Poltitical leadership requires balancing the desires of one's followers with the wishes of the wider public – and bamboozling both to do so.

GO PREPARED: Nigel Brunel says it would be prudent to start the review before the UN Paris conference

Eco Business – Sustainability: Emission Trading Scheme 2015 review: revolution or status quo?

Fri 11 Sep

The government is reviewing the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) in coming months but most interested parties aren’t holding their breath for any radical changes to what many deem a floundering scheme.

Russel Norman

Norman trades Green Party backbenches for Greenpeace frontlines

Fri 11 Sep 4

Former Greens co-leader starts lobby group role in November.

ACT leader David Seymour (Photo: Rob Hosking)

The Greens, rugby and beer

Thu 13 Aug 6

Suggestions the Greens have damaged themselves by initially opposing extended pub hours for the RWC seem to assume the party had a previous image of fun-loving boofheads.

Labour leader Andrew Little

Poll: Voters love Labour's foreign buyer ban ...

Sun 26 Jul 14

But not enough to support it ...


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