Helen Clark

Helen Clark

Clark comes sixth in first 'straw poll' for top UN post

Fri 22 Jul 18

News agency reveals result of Security Council's 'secret' ranking of 12 candidates.

Kevin Rudd

Turnbull keeps Rudd waiting for UN nomination, won't campaign

Tue 19 Jul

The former Australian prime minister is making a late run to become UN secretary-general. With special feature audio.

Little under pressure to go further left

Fri 27 May

Labour’s governing council wants renewed focus on “missing million”


Key responsible for trust shemozzle

Fri 6 May

The prime minister would be better off doing the things he tells people he will do

Andrew Little

Little’s Labour leftovers

Fri 29 Apr

What’s Left for Labour? Can it get over its “born to preach” view of the world?

Latest polls support Peters’ prime ministerial ambitions

Fri 29 Apr

It’s horse-trading politicians who decide who will be prime minister in New Zealand, not voters



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