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Hone Harawira

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Hone Harawira – the great unifier of ManaDotcom?

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom a neoliberal millionaire who sounds like John Key - Mana's Sue Bradford

Harawira arrives at the AGM on a Harley (via @LiveNewsDesk). Can he be a compatible petrolhead with the Merc-loving Dotcom?

Chalk up a fail for the Dotcom charm offensive. UPDATED: Intenet Party says it wants free education for all, "financial kickbacks" for those who buy online.

Hone's four demands for Dotcom

Harawira on Q+A: not seeming very 'signed up'

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Which MP is most likely to be joining Kim Dotcom's party?

Brendan Horan (TV3)

Flag debate: what are the options?

The New Zealand Flag

Mr Key says he may put the flag debate to referendum as part of this year’s election.

Govt toes Harawira's kiddie kai line

Hone Harawira: his bidding done

The KickStart Breakfast school programme will be extended from two to five mornings a week in decile one to four schools.