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Hone Harawira

'I guarantee you I’ll be getting a call from David Cunliffe' — Harawira

Harawira on The Nation

Harawira slams high-roller scheme that allowed Dotcom into NZ

Dotcom and Harawira on April 14. In 2009, the Mana leader slammed the Investor Plus immigration scheme that requires a $10 million investment to gain residency. He stands by his criticism today.

Harre confirmed as Internet Party leader, reveals focus

"Clearly you're all very surprised" - Harre at the Internet party's Auckland event this afternoon (Chris Keall)

Internet Party, Mana merge

Dotcom and Harawira in Rotorua on April 14: a shared love of being the under-dog, and the limelight. But is there room for two alpha dogs in a combined political movement?

He might have won the hearts of some of the "digital generation", but how will the "fat rich white pr**k" go down in Hone Harawira's hard-scrabble Te Tai Tokerau electorate — a must-win if the new political allies fail to make 5%? UPDATED

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Hone Harawira – the great unifier of ManaDotcom?

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom a neoliberal millionaire who sounds like John Key - Mana's Sue Bradford

Harawira arrives at the AGM on a Harley (via @LiveNewsDesk). Can he be a compatible petrolhead with the Merc-loving Dotcom?

Chalk up a fail for the Dotcom charm offensive. UPDATED: Intenet Party says it wants free education for all, "financial kickbacks" for those who buy online.