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Former Reserve Bank executive Michael Reddell

Putting a net on New Zealand's immigration

Wed 22 Jul 1

Do NBR ONLINE readers think immigration controls need tightening?

Squirrel Mortgages CEO John Bolton

Foreign capital not foreign buyers at the heart of housing crisis

Tue 21 Jul 6

Misdirected conversation on foreign buyers.


Squirrel Mortgages CEO John Bolton talks about Foreign Capital on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Auckland University Asian studies senior lecturer Dr Rumi Sakamoto

As China buys houses, NZ should heed warnings of history

Mon 20 Jul 14

Perhaps the Chinese know something about their economy that we don't?


Nathan Smith talks about Chinese investment on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Phil Twyford: Has made a good run for the deputy leadership of his party (TV3)

Identity politics and the aftermath of Twyford


The Auckland housing problem isn’t about the colour of the people with the money: it is about the volume of the money.


Rob Hosking breaks down the political and economic week that was on NBR Radio and on demand at MyNBR Radio.

Grant Hargrave

Identity of sacked Barfoot & Thompson staffer revealed

Thu 16 Jul 24

With audio: the staffer talks to NBR.

Andrew Hunt

'Whipsaw' risk for Auckland house prices as Chinese economy slows

Thu 16 Jul 1

Andrew Hunt suggests governments in countries where foreign investment is accentuating property price booms would be justified in enacting new policies to offset the impact of such investment.


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