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Microsoft NZ, HP NZ results highlight move to cloud services, waning demand for PCs

Frazer Scott, director of marketing and operations at Microsoft NZ

HP tablet billed as iPad-killer for business

HP ElitePad 900 docked with a full size monitor and keyboard

HP's low-cost Android tablet to see NZ release

The HP Slate7

HP: we were fooled into paying billions too much for UK software co

HP CEO Meg Whitman

One of the biggest scandals in tech industry history unfolds.

Why space saving stand-up desks make commercial sense

Stand-up guy Grant Fisher at Vodafone: 'The collaborative concept is great'

Vodafone estimates that by allowing some staff to work standing up, it has reduced its overheads by about 20%.

HP NZ braces for job cuts

A global layoff of 27,000 staff will hit all parts of the multinational's business.