New Zealand Initiative executive director Dr Oliver Hartwich

Crunch time for Greece – will it be able to repay its IMF loans next month?

Thu 28 May

“Given it is currently trailing at 175% debt to GDP and it has no economic growth, sooner or later something’s got to give,”– Dr Oliver Hartwich

IMF Fiscal Affairs Department Division Chief for the Fiscal Policy and Surveillance Benedict Clements

Editor's Insight: What's next for oil prices?

Wed 20 May 4

Nevil Gibson discusses how pundits make their estimates for the rest of this year and next on NBR Radio, and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.

Jonathan Pain

Europe: doom or bloom?

Wed 13 May

Should we be optimistic about the future of the eurozone or are we seeing the beginning of the end?


Jason Walls talks about the situation in Europe on NBR Radio, and on-demand on MyNBR Radio.

Kamiar Mohaddes

El Nino events sap NZ growth, inflation, IMF research says

Fri 8 May 1

Nz's GDP drops by 0.29% in the quarter immediately after an event as drought in parts of the country.

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde

Editor’s Insight: The dangers from China’s slowing economy

Tue 14 Apr 1

World Bank downgrades China's growth outlook over next three years.

Yanis Varoufakis (TV3)

Greek bailout agreement extended but scepticism remains

Thu 26 Feb

It’s clear from the IMF’s response that a “valid starting point” is as good as it gets.


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