Hunter's Corner: Tegel: A flavour of chicken stock

Fri 18 Mar

Private equity is like one of those brown dogs with a big head and little legs. You can put a pink collar on it and call it Twinkle but it might still bite.

Supreme Court rules on bid to halt major price-fixing case

Wed 28 Nov

The Commerce Commission has made price-fixing allegations relating to transactions involving Coca Cola, Goodman Fielder, Inghams and Mainland.

Chickens fed GM feed do not produce GM meat, scientist says

Tue 24 Nov 7

A very public attack on poultry producer Inghams Enterprises could all be based on a technicality with some scientific evidence indicating birds fed on genetically manipulated feed are not modified themselves.

Last week, the Commerce Commission issued Inghams with a warming claiming it risked breaching the Fair Trading Act through false advertising.

Inghams told off over genetically modified chicken feed

Wed 18 Nov 4

Poultry producer Inghams Enterprises has received a slap on the wrist from the Commerce Commission for advertising its products were genetic modification (GM) free when in fact its birds were fed modified soy.

The commission completed its investigation into allegations made in consumer and trade magazines and on TV between January 2008 and June 2009, that claimed  Inghams was marketing its chicken products as GM free when its birds were eating feed mixed with 13% GM soy.

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