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Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Rob Hosking)

Interest rates: How Yellen's hesitation could force Wheeler's hand

Tue 24 Mar 15 2

Graeme Wheeler is squeezed between a rampant Auckland housing market, a US Federal Reserve which won't hike rates quickly enough and an Aussie central bank which is going to cut too quickly for him.

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen

US Federal Reserve provides more clarity on rate hike

Thu 19 Mar 15

Some market commentators and economists to believe hikes could come as soon as June.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Rob Hosking)

Reserve Bank: the gap in Wheeler’s messages

Fri 13 Mar 15

A bid to 'censor' the forecast period produced a very flat interest rate outlook.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler

Tepid inflation surprise raises spectre of lower interest rates

Thu 12 Mar 15

"It is possible that price and wage-setting behaviour responds differently to what is currently assumed," the bank said.

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler (Rob Hosking)

Reserve Bank: Lower inflation and interest rates, higher growth on the horizon

Thu 12 Mar 15

The big change is in the outlook for consumer prices index inflation as well as the critical 90-day interest rates, which have a direct correlation with mortgage interest rates.

Harbour Asset Management fixed interest portfolio manager Mark Brown

US reaches lowest unemployment level in seven years

Mon 9 Mar 15

This is the 12th straight month the US has added over 200,000 new jobs.


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