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International Monetary Fund

Davos 2014: Most world CEOs see improvement this year

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde addresses the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. (TV3)

IMF paper warns of risk to NZ banks

The report says a downturn in China could have potentially "substantial" negative effects on the wider economy.

NZers learned lessons of economic crisis, says IMF

New Zealand seems to have learned the economic lessons of the recent housing bubble and a “structural shift” in savings habits is under way, says the International Monetary Fund.

Cullen gets shot across the bows from IMF

As Finance Minister Michael Cullen prepares to deliver his ninth budget tomorrow an International Monetary Fund report (IMF) has warned of the need to keep inflationary pressures in check and restrain government spending.

The IMF said those measures were needed to help reduce the harmful effects of the international credit crunch.

IMF concerned over NZ access to overseas funds

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised concerns about disruptions to New Zealand's access to offshore funding, but says its sound banking system and focus on inflation would help cushion the economy.

A steady stream of offshore funds, largely bank borrowing to help fund mortgage lending, has pushed New Zealand's net foreign liabilities to almost 90 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), among the highest of advanced economies.