Andrew Little (TV3)

OPINION: GCSB spying 'outrageous'? Think again, Andrew Little

Wed 25 Mar 4

Despite what Mr Little says, the GCSB doesn't just spy on bad people – it spies on interesting people too. Including the WTO.

British foreign secretary Philip Hammond

OPINION: We were all tricked by the GCSB privacy debate

Tue 17 Mar 6

Start from the basics. If a product is free, then that thing is not the product – you are the product.

Edward Snowden

Analysis: So what if the GCSB spies, it was never about you!

Tue 10 Mar 13

There's a lot of ME, ME, ME going on right now. Truth is, the GCSB has an incredibly difficult job.

Derek Handley

Derek Handley’s brush with new power at Davos

Mon 9 Feb 1

Main attendees might be older, but youth is shining through on the sidelines.

US President Barack Obama and GloZell Green in a 'lively' interview

OPINION: When Obama ceded power to Google

Thu 29 Jan 2

So long as the status quo is maintained, the system always wins

Facebook’s new head of New Zealand Spencer Bailey

Facebook NZ finally confirms new country chief

Wed 21 Jan

Mr Bailey most recently spent five years as general manager of digital at APN News & Media (now NZME).


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