Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem

Bobby calves, the information age, and damming the un-dammable


The Chief Ombudsman's point appears to be that public servants are human and they react as most humans would when a rottweiller with a digital recorder comes yapping. That is not, though, a reason for them to ignore the law - with special audio feature.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay

Government to move on GST online sales next week

Fri 7 Aug 14

Proposals to add GST to online offshore sales will be released by the government next week.


Rob Hosking breaks down the political and economic week that was on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Philip Bobbitt

OPINION: How to be powerful, and why you are not

Fri 10 Jul 2

This is how you spot a lie.

Andrew Little (TV3)

OPINION: GCSB spying 'outrageous'? Think again, Andrew Little

Wed 25 Mar 4

Despite what Mr Little says, the GCSB doesn't just spy on bad people – it spies on interesting people too. Including the WTO.

British foreign secretary Philip Hammond

OPINION: We were all tricked by the GCSB privacy debate

Tue 17 Mar 6

Start from the basics. If a product is free, then that thing is not the product – you are the product.


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