Philip Bobbitt

OPINION: How to be powerful, and why you are not

Fri 10 Jul 2

This is how you spot a lie.

Andrew Little (TV3)

OPINION: GCSB spying 'outrageous'? Think again, Andrew Little

Wed 25 Mar 4

Despite what Mr Little says, the GCSB doesn't just spy on bad people – it spies on interesting people too. Including the WTO.

British foreign secretary Philip Hammond

OPINION: We were all tricked by the GCSB privacy debate

Tue 17 Mar 6

Start from the basics. If a product is free, then that thing is not the product – you are the product.

Edward Snowden

Analysis: So what if the GCSB spies, it was never about you!

Tue 10 Mar 13

There's a lot of ME, ME, ME going on right now. Truth is, the GCSB has an incredibly difficult job.

Derek Handley

Derek Handley’s brush with new power at Davos

Mon 9 Feb 1

Main attendees might be older, but youth is shining through on the sidelines.

US President Barack Obama and GloZell Green in a 'lively' interview

OPINION: When Obama ceded power to Google

Thu 29 Jan 2

So long as the status quo is maintained, the system always wins


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