Internet NZ chief executive Jordan Carter
InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen

Would a Netflix monopoly kill local content?

Tue 26 Apr 2

No, argues InternetNZ executive. With reader poll result and special feature audio.

InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen

Corporates seen as bigger privacy threat than government

Thu 14 Apr

Users are more concerned that corporates, not governments, are abusing people’s privacy online.  With special feature audio.

InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter

TPP's 'digital locks' provision could criminalise people viewing legal content — InternetNZ

Thu 7 Apr 4

Carter tells MPs there are four problems with the Trans-Pacific Partnership | MPs' timeline to consider TPP submission's slashed.

InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen: review risks rubber-stamping internet surveillance

Security agency review: InternetNZ fears SIS power grab

Fri 11 Mar

With Labour on board, law changes seem inevitable. With special feature audio.


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