Ben Marshall

How to time your market moves


OPINION: Ben Marshall on new research assesses differing ways to manage investments.

Infratil executive Tim Brown

Infratil more likely to spend its $1b war chest than return it to shareholders

Thu 14 Apr 5

Infratil has "a sufficiently robust and plausible set of investments" available to it. With special feature audio.

Davis Advisors international services and research director Peter Sackmann (Photo: Calida Smylie)

Top tips from a US investment expert

Fri 8 Apr 1

“Wall Street likes to invest as if it’s all about math and numbers but there are huge intangibles."

Nikko Asset Management head of bonds and currency Fergus McDonald

NZ corporate bonds act as shock absorbers in a fixed-interest portfolio

Fri 8 Apr

Because retail investors own so many New Zealand corporate bonds, they are less frequently traded and tend to be less volatile. With special feature audio.

Responsible Investment Association Australasia chairman Pablo Berrutti

Trustees now under the gun over environment, social and governance issues

Thu 17 Mar 1

No longer safe for trustees to assume ESG issues are inherently “non-financial”.

Accident Compensation Corporation chief investment officer Nicholas Bagnall (Photo: Natasha Leniston-Bagnall)

Stockholm syndrome to be avoided in managing offshore equities

Thu 3 Mar

The head of ACC's investment team debunks the perceived advantage to investors of visiting the companies they invest in. With special audio feature.


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