Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

CERA, IRD led $214m of unauthorised public spending in 2014, auditor finds

Tue 9 Dec 14

The audit report found there were 21 breaches in the latest financial year.

John Reid

IRD notifies claim of debt but $355 million may be pushing it

Tue 9 Dec 14

As with all things to do with Digi-Tech saga,  the claim is unlikely to be straightforward.

Chief Justice Sian Elias

Top court cracks down on IRD super-preferential power

Fri 7 Nov 14

Supreme Court rules in favour of Jennings Roadfreight 

Computershare New Zealand managing director Stuart Jury

Tax change urged for employee share schemes

Mon 20 Oct 14 1

Employees in a company share plan are shown to be more engaged at work and less likely to jump ship on receiving a better offer, but tax laws make joining one a headache for members.


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