On the other hand: The price of a reputation

Fri 8 Apr

There’s an old saying that a good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose.

Tax specialist and former Deputy Commissioner of Policy IRD Robin Oliver

NZ a safe haven, not a tax haven

Fri 8 Apr 12

Former IRD man Robin Oliver provides some balance to the foreign trust 'hysteria'  With special feature audio.

Malta energy minister Konrad Mizzi

Shame of Panama Papers may force government action

Mon 4 Apr 16

The foreign trust business is “a nice little earner” for New Zealand, producing fee income of $25-50 million a year. With special feature audio.

BRENDAN KEENAN: ‘Median apartment prices have since plateaued and remain virtually unchanged since August’

CBD apartment market wobbles

Fri 1 Apr

After two years of uninterrupted growth, cracks are beginning to appear in Auckland’s CBD apartment market.

Hidesight: Taxing profits is a tax on workers, consumers

Fri 25 Mar

Forgive me if I don’t get bent out of shape by multinationals not paying their “fair” share of tax. It’s been the headline this week with the prime minister moved to declare that he, too, thinks their payments unfair.

APN wins adjournment in IRD tax avoidance challenge in High Court

Wed 24 Feb 1

The case is the latest in a string involving the use of convertible notes to finance transtasman acquisitions in the 2000s.


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