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Online IRD prank to have police postscript

Fri 13 Feb 15

Altering address on personal MyIR profile page to "5 Someone Kill John Key This Year Please" leads to undelivered mail, police interest.

Michael Hill International chairman Michael Hill

Analyst allays Michael Hill tax stoush fears

Fri 13 Feb 15

Michael Hill $31m tax stoush increasingly likely to go through the courts.

Westpac wins IRD review after staff error doubles tax

Tue 3 Feb 15

What happens when a taxpayer accidentally adopts a correct but disadvantageous tax position?

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

CERA, IRD led $214m of unauthorised public spending in 2014, auditor finds

Tue 9 Dec 14

The audit report found there were 21 breaches in the latest financial year.

John Reid

IRD notifies claim of debt but $355 million may be pushing it

Tue 9 Dec 14

As with all things to do with Digi-Tech saga,  the claim is unlikely to be straightforward.

Chief Justice Sian Elias

Top court cracks down on IRD super-preferential power

Fri 7 Nov 14

Supreme Court rules in favour of Jennings Roadfreight 


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