Jenny Shipley

Key responsible for trust shemozzle

Fri 6 May

The prime minister would be better off doing the things he tells people he will do

Dame Jenny Shipley

Mainzeal liquidators reject claims totalling $16.7 million

Thu 31 Mar 4

The liquidator says his team has reviewed 1223 of the more than 1400 claims from creditors owed $153 million.

Genesis Energy chairwoman Dame Jenny Shipley

Genesis' directors likely to seek a pay rise next year

Wed 21 Oct

Genesis Energy's directors are likely to seek a pay rise next year and will then review directors' fees every two years.


Jenny Ruth talks with Genesis CEO Albert Brantley on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Genesis chairwoman Dame Jenny Shipley

Genesis quashes market conjecture over Rankine units

Tue 25 Aug 7

'We do not see ourselves responsible for security of supply,' Dame Jenny Shipley says.

FSC chief executive Peter Neilson

UPDATED: Shipley departure not about Mainzeal, says FSC

Thu 4 Jun

"None of these events can be linked to the Mainzeal liquidation and it is wrong and unfair to draw that inference," FSC boss Peter Neilson said.

Dame Jenny Shipley

NZ Financial Services Council replaces chairwoman Dame Jenny Shipley

Thu 4 Jun 1

Rob Flannagan, former managing director of Tower and Guardian Trust, has been appointed the new chairman.


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