READER POLL RESULT: Should cabinet ministers fly Jetstar on routes where it provides the cheapest option?

Wed 6 Jan 21

Govt ministers too posh to fly Jetstar, Taxpayers' Union says. How NBR readers see it:

Jetstar Q300 at Wellington Airport

Jetstar launches first two regional routes

Tue 1 Dec

Jetstar has launched two of its five new routes today.

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation general manager Graeme West

Carry on: Aussie airlines fill Cooks gap


Virgin Australia is filling the gap for South Islanders wanting winter holidays in the Cook Islands.

Qantas targets more ‘Loyals’

Fri 20 Nov

Qantas and Jetstar are promising more benefits to members of their Frequent Flyer scheme as they bid for a bigger share of the New Zealand market.

Kiwi Regional Airlines chief executive Ewan Wilson (TV3)

Regional airline gearing up for take off

Fri 16 Oct

Ewan Wilson wants to put the past behind him and launch a successful Kiwi Regional Airlines. 


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