Consumer chief executive Sue Chetwin

Consumer NZ campaigns to get Qantas's Jetstar to drop pre-ticked booking forms

Wed 20 May 3

Consumer chief executive Sue Chetwin said pre-ticked boxes risk misleading people into paying for extras they don't want.

Jetstar is being investigated for its opt-out pricing

'Opt-out' fees probe reaches Jetstar

Tue 21 Apr

ComCom investigation comes after Air NZ was warned for the same thing earlier this year.

Michael Wigley: "A big role for the Commission is to educate. It did so on Friday. Now it should move to enforce."

JetStar 'between a rock and a hard place' on opt-out charges, lawyer says

Mon 9 Mar

Airline faces possible prosecution, but its Aussie parent is leaving it with no room to manoeuvre. PLUS: Subscriber-only poll result - Should Air NZ pay back insurance charged under an opt-out basis?

Carry on: Jetstar's Dreamliners, Qantas offers Gold, Air AsiaX returns and more

Mon 2 Mar 1

Aviation news for business travellers.

Michael Wigley

ComCom investigating Air NZ's fare structure

Thu 29 Jan 1

Air NZ's use of opt out provisions being investigated by the corporate regulator; lawyer says this will "get under the bonnet of what’s happening".

Qantas A380 over Sydney

Qantas squeezes more revenue on transtasman route in busier market

Mon 29 Dec

The Australian airline's increase is the biggest since 2009


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