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Sky TV CEO John Fellet

Sky welcomes internet challenges, will hold dividend payout

Wed 27 May 4

Video streaming over the internet presents Sky with more opportunities than it does threats, says chief executive John Fellet.


Jenny Ruth talks about Sky TV on NBR Radio, and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Sky TV CEO John Fellet

Sky TV says programming costs-to-revenue ratio likely to rise in 2016

Tue 26 May

The programming costs-to-revenue ratio is likely to be in the 35% range for the 2016 financial year.

First NZ Capital’s Arie Dekker

Game of Phones: Sky TV’s ultimate move to counter-attack Spark

Thu 26 Mar 11

Could it happen? Two analysts weigh in.

Sky TV CEO John Fellet

Sky TV shares dip as investors react to loss of subscribers; first half profit gains

Mon 23 Feb

Revenue was up 1.8% to $464.5m from $456.4m in the previous corresponding period, reflecting an increase in subscriber revenues of 3%.

Only older series of Game of Thrones are on Sky TV's new $20 a month Neon service. First-run episodes are saved for satellite subscribers. The same goes for other prime content

Sky TV's golden handcuffs: half-year net profit jumps 12.7% to $92.5m

Mon 23 Feb 7

Perversely, a worse result today might have been better for the pay TV broadcaster's future | Subscribers fall. 

Sky TV CEO John Fellet

UPDATED: Sky TV outsources Prime News to rival

Fri 23 Jan 3

Upgraded First at 5:30 will launch in March.


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