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John Key

'This is absolutely in a class of its own' — Key on allegation Collins gunned for SFO head

In sharp contrast with other revelations in recent weeks, Mr Key is not dismissing these allegations

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Will National be harmed if Dotcom and Assange prove Key was briefed about Dotcom earlier than publicly admitted?

Julian Assange

Winston sticks to story of Collins’ post-election pitch

Judith Collins

BEST OF THE WEEK: Leaders' debate and the dangers of the Churchill Syndrome

David Cunliffe and Prime Minister John Key at TVNZ Debate (TVNZ)

“But the question on everybody’s lips is where to from here? Even senior business people are saying to me they have no idea what the gameplan is.” — David Cunliffe

National support drops, but not enough to threaten single governance, poll

BEST OF THE WEEK: Key not bluffing about Air NZ regional fares

Michael Wigley says Craig Foss is expressing interest in Air NZ's domestic prices makes the issue serious