John Key

Backing Helen Clark might be smart politics — but it makes for a rather dull instalment of Judith Collins' punch/counterpunch series with Phil Goff

Judith Collins backs 'great leader' Helen Clark for top UN job

Sun 26 Apr 15 1

The Woman Formerly Known as Crusher continues to reinvent herself — leaving John Key in a bit of a bind.

Add a pic of a chick and maximise your ROI

OPINION: The ponytail offers you a look into your soul

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 24 Apr 15 1

If you have a cause and see a woman who should be a supermodel approach with a microphone, you should run as if she were Johnny Carcosa.

THE ULTIMATE PRIZE: Winston Peters wants it

Don’t laugh: Winston’s plan to be PM

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 24 Apr 15 2

All his life, Winston Peters has dreamed of being his generation’s Sir James Carroll.

Graham McCready

Expert rubbishes Human Rights Tribunal claim against Key as McCready makes more complaints

Fri 24 Apr 15 13

McCready files further claims in ponytail gate fallout.

Prime Minister John Key (Rob Hosking)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: The Ongoing #ponytailgate scandal

Fri 24 Apr 15 12

#Ponytailgate is proving every bit as crazy as elements of last year’s general election campaign.

Andrew Little (TV3)

Labour below 30% in latest Roy Morgan poll, Nats dip to 45.5%

Thu 23 Apr 15 12

Roy Morgan argues stronger support for the Greens and New Zealand First.


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