John Key

Andrew Little

Little’s Labour leftovers

Fri 29 Apr

What’s Left for Labour? Can it get over its “born to preach” view of the world?

Initiative Matters: Housing policies in short supply

Fri 29 Apr

Effective solutions cannot be found by reducing demand through land or other taxes

Finance Minister Bill English

The taxes of Autumn


“Beware the ides of March,” - but we should be more wary of the taxes of Autumn. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Antipodes email: Greens' conspiracy theory just doesn't stack up

Fri 29 Apr 5

OPINION: They achieved headlines, but the Greens have over-egged this one. With special feature audio.

Ken Whitney

Antipodes email: Key calls Greens 'desperate'

Fri 29 Apr 28

Email from PM's personal lawyer to (then) Inland Revenue Minister Todd McClay was followed by a government back down. The Greens claim the two events are connected.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

A land tax just for foreigners? Come on John, you’re better than this

Thu 28 Apr 20

OPINION: If you are going to tax land, why not tax the houses that stand on them also?


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