John Key

Prime Minister John Key (@RNZ)

John Key rejects Snowden docs as 'outdated'

Thu 5 Mar 15 14

UPDATED: Key says “out of date and some of the assumptions were just plain wrong”New docs show GCSB upgrading spying methods to deal with changing technology.

Wayne Eagleson

Eagleson shuts down Sabin probe

Wed 4 Mar 15 8

Mr Eagleson claims that withholding the information is necessary “to protect the privacy of natural persons” 

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Should there be a two-year time-limit on NZ's mission to Iraq?

Tue 3 Mar 15

Key's two-year time-limit stirs controversy in Australia, so how do NBR member subscribers see it?

Prime Minister John Key (Tinaz Karbhari)

Govt resisting pressure to inject more cash into Solid Energy

Mon 2 Mar 15

Asked whether Solid Energy was depending for its ability to trade on its "implicit government guarantee", Key said: "No. It still has equity and cash in the bank."

Prime Minister John Key (Tinaz Karbhari)

OPINION: The first rule of SAS is: you do not talk about SAS

Mon 2 Mar 15 5

John Key needs to adopt and encourage a policy of silence on actions of Special Operations Forces.

Winston Peters at the press conference (@demelzaleslie)

Northland by-election: Winston's destructive play

Mon 2 Mar 15 4

Winston Peters' whole career has been, essentially, destructive rather than constructive, and standing in Northland is his latest wrecking ploy.


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