John Key

Little under pressure to go further left

Fri 27 May

Labour’s governing council wants renewed focus on “missing million”


BUDGET 2016: Snapshot videos of party leaders' reactions

Thu 26 May

PLUS: full-length reaction clips

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Budget 2016: Itches scratched but saving the calamine lotion for election year

Thu 26 May

Few political itches went unscratched in Bill English’s eighth budget. With special feature audio.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: @felixmarwick)

Budget 2016: Great Expectations

Thu 26 May

Instead of hosing down expectations, Mr Key threw a keg of kero on to them when he suddenly started talking of early debt repayment, more spending, and tax relief.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: @felixmarwick)

Budget 2016: The debt picture softens

Wed 25 May 4

“Rising real interest rates are the true nightmare in a highly leveraged world,” Professor Niall Ferguson says. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Budget 2016: The return of magical thinking

Tue 24 May

A budget is not a magic box. With special feature audio.


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