Judith Collins

Cameron Slater: ‘Yes he's a dirt-bag, muck-raking, scum-bag attack blogger, but he likes it that way. He doesn't play by any rule book yet he's been judged a journalist by the courts."

NZ POLITICS DAILY: A Year of (neverending) Dirty Politics

Sun 21 Dec 14 7

The Dirty Politics end-of-year awards | Is Dirty Politics in decline or is there more to come?

Judith Collins vs. Phil Goff

Left reveals fascist tendencies over Judith Collins’ column

Sat 13 Dec 14 7

Judith Collins vs. Phil Goff.

PRINZ president Bruce Fraser

PRINZ hits back at NBR subscriber poll

Thu 4 Dec 14 6

PR industry body shoots the messenger.

Cast of characters: Cameron Slater, Judith Collins, Nicky Hager, Prime Minister John Key and Kim Dotcom

Capital Letter: A smorgasbord of inquiry delights

Tue 2 Dec 14 1

The reports dump day last Tuesday may have backfired.

Carrick Graham

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Is the phrase 'ethical public relations' an oxymoron?

Mon 1 Dec 14 4

NBR subscribers aren't buying the spin.

Judith Collins

The Collins report

Tue 25 Nov 14

There is no probative evidence that Ms Collins undermined or attempted to undermine Mr Feeley. The implication that she was so involved is untenable.


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