Judith Collins

Corrections Minister Judith Collins

Serco to pay $8m to Corrections after step-in clause invoked in Mt Eden contract

Mon 4 Apr 2

The payment is to cover the costs after Corrections chief Ray Smith invoked a step-in clause in the Crown's contract with Serco.

Harry McNaughton (Jaap du Plessis) and Lisa Chappell (Gillian Hancock)  Photo: Michael Smith

Will Judith Collins be taking Dean Parker and the Auckland Theatre Company to court?


Dean Parkers latest play Polo centres on a fictional MP for Clevedon.

mark thomas: ‘Aucklanders feel the Independent Maori Statutory Board is unfair, costly and not working’

Maori tail wags the council dog

Fri 29 Jan

Papakura MP Judith Collins’ labelling of the Independent Maori Statutory Board as an “unaccountable monster” that thinks it is “outside the law” has hit a nerve with Maori, Auckland councillors and mayoral contenders.

Phil Twyford

Who is your pick for best and worst politician of 2015?

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Corrections minister Judith Collins

Collins gives Corrections early Christmas present of $17.6m

Thu 17 Dec

Official reasons for largesse don’t include taking over Mt Eden Prison from Serco.

Judith Collins: Will the country turn to The Lady for salvation?

Collins’ return a good signal to the right


The idea of Judith Collins one day becoming prime minister is not as fanciful as it has been since the Oravida affair - with special audio feature.


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