Philip Macalister

Kiwibank suddenly became less competitive when it started paying dividends

Mon 11 Apr 1

The government-owned Kiwibank used to lead the mortgage market, offering the most competitive interest rates, but that suddenly ceased early last year. With special feature audio.

Editorial: Kiwibank could emulate Z Energy model

Fri 8 Apr

At first glance, NZ Post’s proposal for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the NZ Super Fund (NZSF) to buy 45% of Kiwibank is a cunning way to deflect the opponents of privatisation.

Jacqueline Farman

The Intelligent Business Network Series: Corporate Reputation: Reputation hard to build, easy to lose

Fri 8 Apr

The Intelligent Business Network (IBN) represents New Zealand's corporate fraternity of individuals striving to operate businesses with greater efficiency, profit and strength. This is the latest iteration of the Intelligence Business Network Series looking deeper into the world of the business. This week NBR draws back the curtain on corporate reputation.

New Zealand Post Group chairman Sir Michael Cullen

READER POLL RESULT: Kiwibank sale the way to go?

Thu 7 Apr 1

NZ Post’s proposed partial sale of KiwiBank Group Holdings to government funds NZ Super Fund and ACC has been given the stamp of approval by NBR readers.

Harbour Asset Management managing director Andrew Bascand

Kiwibank: Is the $495m price right?

Thu 7 Apr

Did ACC and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund pay enough? With special feature audio.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Cullen dismisses Greens’ claim Kiwibank sale is first step to privatisation

Wed 6 Apr 5

“There’s no backdoor route to privatisation, there’s no conspiracy here” – New Zealand Post Group chairman Sir Michael Cullen. With special feature audio.


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