Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Fonterra winds up $109m staff pension scheme inherited from NZ Dairy Board

Tue 31 May 1

Fonterra closed the Fonterra Superannuation Scheme in December in favour of KiwiSaver for its workers.

Budget 2016: Debt and tax cuts are the real issue

Fri 27 May

“Rising real interest rates are the true nightmare in a highly leveraged world,” visiting economic historian and commentator Niall Ferguson told NBR Radio last weekend.

Financial Markets Authority chief executive Rob Everett

Confidence in financial markets slips this year

Wed 18 May 2

New research shows New Zealanders aren't impressed with regulators – and most haven't heard of the FMA. With special feature audio.

Financial Markets Authority chief executive Rob Everett

Investment industry needs to reach out to KiwiSaver members, win their trust: FMA

Wed 18 May

Rob Everett said the decline this year could have been worse given the volatility in world markets.

Morningstar manager research director Tim Murphy

How does NZ stack up to global managed fund trends?

Tue 17 May

In the US, a big shift to passive investment as advisers get around loss of commission. With special feature audio.

NEST egg tax: Budget 2016: Change taxing of super schemes

Fri 13 May

The appraisal of New Zealand’s overall cyber security barely gets a pass rate, according to visiting experts, and the dynamic threat means companies still have plenty of work to do.


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