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AMP's NZ financial services lift first half earnings 5% on KiwiSaver flows

AMP New Zealand managing director Jack Regan

OPINION: Winston's KiwiSaver kick start benefits fund managers, not babies

AUT senior lecturer in finance Aaron Gilbert

NZ First’s KiwiSaver proposal misguided, say academics

Massey University’s KiwiSaver expert Dr Claire Matthews

Energy Mad chairman apologises for poor profit

Energy Mad Chairman Rick Ramsay

KiwiSaver funds cut fees in default provider battle

Commerce Minister Craig Foss

Labour engages in schoolyard behavior

Jamie Whyte

David Cunliffe remind me of some of the bullies, they would grab the forearms of weaker children and then force them to slap themselves in the face with their own hands. That is the effect of Labour’s policy of making KiwiSaver compulsory