David Shearer

Yet another Labour slipup over its TPP stance

Fri 29 Jan 5

But who’s counting, right?

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Catching up with the Greens

Fri 29 Jan

At the beginning of a new political year, New Zealand’s third largest political party stands at a strategic crossroads.

JOHN KEY: Two personal political defeats

Change, consensus, and identity: the conservative tilt to politics

Fri 11 Dec

It is no coincidence the two things that gave Labour leader Andrew Little his worst moments in 2015 were to do with New Zealand’s place in the wider global economy.

Hidesight: Labour reshuffle leaves Little to imagination

Fri 4 Dec

Outside the Press Gallery no one cares about seating order. I have never heard a minister say, “Watch that MP, he’s front bench!” No. Ministers say, “Watch that MP, he’s a killer.”

Mike Hosking (NewstalkZB)

Hosking’s right about jobs


Mike Hosking being correct has annoyed everyone – on all sides – in the Thorndon bubble.


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