Andrew Little (TV3)

The year the worm may turn

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 24 Jan 15 9

The government enters its seventh year without a clear agenda.

Stuart Nash says just 1.5% of all applications for sales of sensitive assets have been declined since National took office

Federated Farmers backs Labour’s calls for further audits of overseas farm purchases

Holiday Review 10

The farmers' lobby wants evidence that foreign investors are sticking to their commitments


Prime Minister John Key and Cameron Slater

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Do you believe top SIS officials really did not know their information was being used by Key’s staffers for political purpose?

Thu 27 Nov 14 1

SIS may not agree with the results, but they knew about it all along, say Member Subscribers.

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union head Bill Newson

ERA amendments – 'union bashing' vs 'codifying common sense'

Fri 24 Oct 14 3

Business groups broadly support the changes; the usual suspects, not so much.

Prime Minister John Key (TV3)

‘Bland’, ‘predictable’, ‘vacuous’ – govt’s third term programme critiqued

Wed 22 Oct 14 4

“It’s not going to be a radical government – if anything it could be one that bores us to tears.”


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