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Labour Party

Election 2014 Fact-Checker: Labour's latest manufacturing non-crisis

Labour leader David Cunliffe

'Lunacy' that property speculators get tax-free capital gain - Cunliffe

Cunliffe on Q+A

A Labour-led government would impose a capital gains tax of 15% on realised gains from investment property, leader says.

Conservative Party announces first two candidates

Colin Craig

Compulsory KiwiSaver: how it will hurt business and top earners

Labour deputy leader David Parker

Election 2014 fact-checker: Labour's 'worse than Muldoon' debt claim

David Cunliffe: Govt debt rising, but will peak at less than half Muldoon-era levels

‘How political parties die’ - Labour’s existential crisis

Scoop owner, entrepreneur and secret donor Selwyn Pellett