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Commerce Commission chairman Mark Berry

Banks fork out a total $25.5m over interest rate swaps to farmers

Wed 7 Oct

The Commerce Commission says nearly $20m in cash has been paid to eligible customers.

Phillip John Smith/Traynor (TV3)

Capital Letter: Smith/Traynor inquiry and the reducing reoffending target

Wed 7 Oct

Steadily reducing crime statistics worldwide are well documented.

Paul Wicks QC

Affco denies fixed-term contract meat workers are locked out

Tue 6 Oct

The country's fourth largest meat processor is presenting its statement of defence.

Associate Professor Lisa Marriott

Call for tougher stance on white collar crims receives widespread support

Tue 6 Oct

Research suggests serving a 16 month stretch for stealing $1.36 million does little to deter privileged crooks.

Kiwibank's anti-money laundering forex dispute delayed

Tue 6 Oct

A dispute of interest to all banks, involved anti-money laundering legislation, has been delayed by three months.


Hamish McNicol talks about Kiwibank's delayed anti-money laundering dispute on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

MediaWeb's Victor Clarke pleads guilty to $2.2 million fraud

Tue 6 Oct

In the Auckland District Court, Victor Clarke today pleaded guilty to two false accounting charges.


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