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University of Auckland law professor Julia Tolmie

Capital Letter: Understanding family violence: ‘law reform makes less of a difference’

Wed 1 Jun 2

Day after day, week after week, judgments roll out from the courts, accounting for offenders’ months and years committing awful family violence.

Mark Hotchin

Hanover co-founders recover $300,000 loan to embattled lawyer

Mon 30 May 4

FAI Money lent $300,000 to Edward Errol Johnston for a Waitakere property in late 2009.

Former NZX chief Mark Weldon

NZX didn't mean to 'entice' Ralec with 'approved-ish' investment plan, witness says

Fri 27 May 1

Rachael Newsome, who was NZX's corporate counsel at the time of the Clear acquisition, was cross-examined today by Ralec counsel Georgia Berlic.

Former NZX chief Mark Weldon

Court battle showcases NZX’s scant disclosure on Clear Grain Exchange


Caesar’s wife had to be above suspicion and you’d think the same would apply to a stock exchange operator and regulator which is listed on its own exchange.

Mark Warminger

Warminger wants FMA's 'catch-all pleading' refined

Fri 27 May 11

Further details of the allegations against Mark Warminger, who is on extended leave from Milford Asset Management, were revealed in the High Court at Auckland before Justice Raynor Asher today.


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