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SFO names woman found guilty of using $1m of sister's money, Pauanui property as security on own mortgages

Schapelle Corby's $A3m payday

Schapelle Corby (TVNZ)

Top agents estimate what the soon-to-be-bailed Australian could earn from selling her story. PLUS: Corby's last weekend in jail? Indonesian govt under fire over decision to bail her on Monday.

DOJ releases new FBI evidence - and a lot of it's embarrassing for Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Some intriguing new detail on Megaupload's huge profits; its cash rewards programme, and an apparent attempt to build "plausible deniability"  | A Skype exchange where Dotcom's crew discuss the odds he'll leg it with the money.

Edwards is new Privacy Commissioner

John Edwards

Prize-winning Kiwi book pirated on Mega - CEO responds

Vikram Kumar with Kim Dotcom

Mr Kumar is an honourable man. This story has the stench of a setup by someone determined to try and get Mega into some trouble|636145