Vend VP of engineering and Codemania conference director Ben Gracewood

Things software leaders should know

Holiday Review

Universal lessons in leadership.

Head of the Victoria University School of Government Professor Brad Jackson

Companies feel 'uncomfortable' digging into board leadership

Wed 22 Apr 1

Help needed to get governance and management to work together better, academic says.

Paula Bennett (Tinaz Karbhari)

National’s next top dog – NBR readers weigh in

Thu 9 Apr 4

NBR poll participants give their two cents on the future of National’s leadership.

Dr Lester Levy says there is still uncharted territory in leadership development both in New Zealand, and overseas

New Zealand business leaders punching above their weight – global study

Mon 8 Dec

DHL and Z Energy earn praise for leadership focus.

Rodney Hide

HIDESIGHT: Voters third behind unions, Winston


The Labour Party is now busy deciding our other option for prime minister. It’s a big deal. The disturbing thing is that our option is being decided not in the backroom of the Labour Party but in the backroom of half-a-dozen unions.

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