Liquidator ordered to repay $500,000 after faking documents

Fri 29 Jul 2

Convicted fraudster appointed to oversee insolvency of failed truck shop companies.

Mad Butcher chief executive Michael Morton

Founding Mad Butcher store in liquidation

Tue 19 Jul 18

It is at least the tenth to go under since late 2012.

Kupe Production Station; Contact Energy's Stratford Power Station; Production facilities at the Kupe Gas Field Development

Liquidated drilling firm 'overlooked' $15 million royalty

Tue 21 Jun 4

The company thought the licence had no value in 2011.

Rajwinder Grewal

More Masala meltdown

Tue 21 Jun

The unravelling of the Masala group has proved far from easy. With special feature audio.

Fiduciary Services director Nicolaas Francken

Trust company’s director tells liquidators he’s ‘not sure’ where records are

Fri 3 Jun

Balkan republic owed $US1 million by company in money laundering case.

ASB Tower in Wellington

$1m owing in liquidation of former Serepisos tower owner

Wed 1 Jun

The IRD tipped Sams Bay Holdings into liquidation in April claiming about $46,000 in unpaid tax.


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