Mark Callander

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander

Sky, Spark, TVNZ, MediaWorks take action against CallPlus, other 'global mode' ISPs

Thu 2 Apr 15 30

Traditional broadcasters, telco go nuclear on ISPs. UPDATE: CallPlus-owned ISP almost immediately tweaks its service, CEO responds.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander: upfront investment needed for retail ISPs to offer Chorus' one gig service — and he's not keen to do that across all his company's brands (CallPlus, Singshot, Orcon and Flip)

Spark signs on for Gigatown

Tue 16 Dec 14 6

A  big hole is filled in the lineup of retailers for the winning town, Dunedin. But NBR's questions remain. 

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander: Orcon will be run as a standalone brand long term; saw value beyond its $30m debt; says CallPlus could buy another ISP

CallPlus buys Orcon

Fri 20 Jun 14
Adams at an 11am stand-up briefing at Parliament (Rob Hosking)

EY's Chorus report will be made public Monday - Adams

Thu 12 Dec 13 63


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