Mark Hotchin

Carrick Graham

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Is the phrase 'ethical public relations' an oxymoron?

Mon 1 Dec 14 4

NBR subscribers aren't buying the spin.

Mark Hotchin

Hotchin finds success in evidence bout

Mon 10 Nov 14

Mr Hotchin wanted documents for a limitation defence.

Mark Hotchin

Hotchin off to Supreme Court in trustee case

Fri 31 Oct 14 2

Mark Hotchin’s legal team is off to the Supreme Court to argue Hanover’s trustees should share blame for alleged Securities Act breaches.

Slater over the weekend

Twitter suspends Whaledump — but hacker returns just hours later with new account, new allegations

Thu 4 Sep 14

Hacker is straight back on the horse — or at least the whale — with dumping new emails that suggest cash-for-editorial on Cameron Slater's site, and discuss Mark Hotchin as a potential client.


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