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Vinto head of distribution Simon Donohue

New unlisted property fund launched

Tue 26 Jul 5

Fund offering a projected return to unitholders in the first year of 7.6%. With special feature audio.

Letters to the editor: School boards should look to own weaknesses, not blame the law

Fri 15 Jul

I read with interest the article on the subject of school boards grappling with health and safety legislation (“School boards alarmed by health and safety red tape,” June 10).

Initiative matters: Schools need to unlock data

Fri 24 Jun

Ministry of Education holds reasons why similar decile schools succeed and others don’t

FIELDING A HOSPITAL PASS: NZ School Trustees Association president Lorraine Kerr

School boards alarmed by health & safety red tape

Fri 10 Jun

The complexity of the health and safety obligations placed on school boards of trustees – not to mention the potential liabilities should they fail to meet them – continues to cause angst and anger in the education sector.

Budget 2016: Will the PPP opportunities go begging?

Fri 22 Apr

Although public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been welcomed overseas, New Zealand is late to the party; the public is missing out on the infrastructure that could be provided, and the economy isn’t benefiting from the stimulation PPPs create.


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