Phil Twyford (TV3)

Labour's Twyford called out over 'race' comment

Thu 30 Jun 2

Labour’s housing spokesman hypocritical, says National MP. With special feature audio.

Right of Reply: Labour no more bumbling than National

Fri 6 May

In last week’s NBR, Rob Hosking presented a catalogue of Labour’s woes as he sees them. He said many Labour MPs don’t understand their communities or are generally stupid, and as a result they either have bad ideas or fumble their few good ones.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Catching up with the Greens

Fri 29 Jan

At the beginning of a new political year, New Zealand’s third largest political party stands at a strategic crossroads.

Mike Hosking (NewstalkZB)

Hosking’s right about jobs


Mike Hosking being correct has annoyed everyone – on all sides – in the Thorndon bubble.

Can Nats do a deal with Phil Goff over Auckland mayoralty?

Fri 9 Oct

Political plotting has already started over next year’s Auckland mayoralty race.

DAVID SYEMOUR: Both an ideological purist and a shrewd political tactician

David Seymour fills political vacuum

Fri 18 Sep

Now the young leader has taken Act from the hospice to intensive care, it’s time to send flowers


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