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Stephen Jennings

Rich Lister accused of defamation – Kenyan reports

Wed 9 Sep

Kenyan newspaper advertisement says Stephen Jennings, estimated to be worth $980 million, is a defendant in a defamation case.

Evan Christian on the driveway of his $8.65 million home

Gate closed in Rich Lister driveway dispute

Mon 3 Aug 1

Evan Christian says the win in the expensive year-long battle is a victory for all parents, while admitting most couldn't afford it.

Ben Gough

Supreme Court dismisses Gough family appeal

Thu 30 Jul

The $350 million Rich List family’s dispute revolves around the interests of the grandchildren of Gough Group founder Tracy Thomas Gough.

The driveway causing ructions between two Rich Listers, pictured when it still had a gate (Source: Google Maps)

Rich List driveway dispute 'novel' in the common law world

Fri 24 Jul 1

Neighbours usually want to pull gates down, not get orders to put one up, judge says in Rich List neighbours at war.


Hamish McNicol talks about the shared driveway dispute on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission Greg Medcraft

Investor, regulator warn of potential bubble looming

Mon 18 May

Regulators and investors warn of hindsight.


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