Nick Smith

 Environment Minister Nick Smith

Smith wants to deny Cantabrians full democracy for regional council

Thu 19 Mar 15 3

Environment Minister Nick Smith wants halfway democracy at Environment Canterbury.

Protester Michael Tavares has been perched 25m up the tree since Monday. He won't comment on arrangements for his ablutions. He has pledged to climb down later today

'500 year old' Kauri will stay; Vector gives couple the bash

Thu 12 Mar 15 40

In an open letter, the couple at the centre of Auckland's latest tree controversy back down — but not without a dig at opponents, and a request for compensation. UPDATE: Vector disappointed.

Green Party environment spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter

Greens still against cell phone towers

Fri 6 Mar 15 7

David Farrar on the Greens' ban on cellphone antennas.

Arthur Grimes

Updated report reveals climbing costs of Auckland’s development consents

Tue 27 Jan 15 4

Figures contained in an earlier version of the report have been used to attack Nick Smith and his proposed RMA reforms.

Environment Minister Nick Smith.

SUBSCRIBER -ONLY POLL RESULT: Do Nick Smith's RMA cost claims add up?

Tue 27 Jan 15 3

Is he right on the money or wide of the mark? NBR subscribers speak.

Smith detects propitious environment for a new RMA promise

Mon 26 Jan 15 3

When Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith unveiled his Housing Accord legislation in 2013, he touted it as the answer for Auckland’s housing shortage.


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