Nick Smith

Arthur Grimes

Updated report reveals climbing costs of Auckland’s development consents

Tue 27 Jan 15 4

Figures contained in an earlier version of the report have been used to attack Nick Smith and his proposed RMA reforms.

Environment Minister Nick Smith.

SUBSCRIBER -ONLY POLL RESULT: Do Nick Smith's RMA cost claims add up?

Tue 27 Jan 15 3

Is he right on the money or wide of the mark? NBR subscribers speak.

Smith detects propitious environment for a new RMA promise

Mon 26 Jan 15 3

When Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith unveiled his Housing Accord legislation in 2013, he touted it as the answer for Auckland’s housing shortage.

Andrew Little (TV3)

Editor's Insight: Why Labour must support RMA reforms

Thu 22 Jan 15 2

The key will be Andrew Little ability to restore a pro-growth and pro-development agenda to a party that has a reputation for being more green than red

RAW DATA: RMA reform agenda outlined

Thu 22 Jan 15

"This 10-metre mountain of red tape is holding back the development of new houses and jobs, and it is not performing well enough in managing key resources like freshwater."

Environment Minister Nick Smith

Nick Smith declares full speed ahead on RMA reform

Thu 22 Jan 15 6

"We require consents for most activities when most other countries simply had national standards that had to be met" - Nick Smith


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