Nick Smith

NZIA chief executive Teena Hale Pennington

Architects say bridges shouldn't be exempt from earthquake strengthening legislation

Mon 24 Aug 1

NZIA is calling for financial incentives to assist owners of heritage buildings.

Building Minister Nick Smith (TV3)

More engineers say fix 'low-hanging fruit' first in earthquake legislation

Fri 21 Aug 3

Another group of engineers is calling for dangerous features of unreinforced masonry buildings to be urgently made safe.

EBSS chairman Ian Harrison

EBSS: Minister Nick Smith exaggerating lives saved by earthquake-strengthening bill

Thu 20 Aug 4

Evidence-Based Seismic Strengthening says that didn’t make sense when matched with the MBIE estimate of 24 lives being saved.

Environment Minister Nick Smith (TV3)

Smith seeks collaboration between farmers and environmentalists on bio-diversity

Fri 14 Aug 2

Nick Smith outlined plans for four new NPSs and the same number of new National Environmental Standards.

Ministry of Business (MBIE) chief engineer Mike Stannard

MBIE confirms a consistency problem in assessing earthquake-prone buildings

Fri 14 Aug 3

MBIE chief engineer Mike Stannard says the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes has highlighted the difficulty of achieving consistent assessments of existing buildings.

Property developer Hugh Pavletich

Earthquake building assessments vary wildly

Thu 13 Aug 3

Proposed legislation will define an earthquake-prone building as engineers are arriving at wildly conflicting assessments of existing buildings.


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