Nick Smith

Nick Smith

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Do you support a foreign home buyer register?

Mon 8 Dec 14 7

Two-thirds of NBR member subscribers disagree with Housing Minister Nick Smith.

Housing Minister Nick Smith

Govt caves in to pressure on foreign property buyers

Thu 4 Dec 14 10

But can it justify spending taxpayers' money on trying to work out whether is foreign investment 1.2% or 1.3% of housing?

Environmental Protection Authority chair Kerry Prendergast

EPA struggles to find independent experts in 'small' New Zealand

Wed 19 Nov 14

EPA says it struggles to find enough independent experts in a small country where many people have professional links with industry or environmental groups.

Nick Smith: blames the Auckland and Christchurch councils’ restrictive planning for the housing crisis

Government aims at district plans to deflect housing criticisms

Wed 12 Nov 14

Auckland and Christchurch district plans are under attack as the government tries to deflect criticism about the housing shortage.

The scene of the 2010 explosion that took 29 men's lives (3News).

Solid Energy rules out re-entry, gives up Pike River permit

Thu 6 Nov 14 17

State-owned enterprise walks away from body recovery operation – and the mine itself.

Environment Minister Nick Smith

RMA needs reform to ease urban development

Wed 15 Oct 14


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