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Kiwis more optimistic, but don't want to spend

Confidence in the economy is up, but putting money aside still a priority, surveys reveal.

Radio NZ continues to top commercial rivals

Survey results show the state broadcaster is again the No 1 station.

Kiwis prefer eating out more than entertaining at home

New survey reveals a growing trend.

Website traffic: Nielsen drops monthly unique browser count

Nielsen's first Top 10 ratings under the system (for May; click to enlarge)

Audience numbers for Trade Me, Stuff and others fall back to earth as Nielsen takes a new approach – and that it says overcomes the weaknesses of two different rating systems.

One-third browse internet while watching TV - Nielsen

The difficulty of measuring media consumpmtion in a mashed-up world. UPDATED

Food, fishing, and football are the hot tickets for magazine readership growth

Magazines show growth, while the newspaper market largely remains static

Magazines for the retrosexual man are making a comeback, as rugby and fishing titles show a readership increase.