Tech commentator Paul Brislen (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Nielsen's Netflix vs Lightbox usage numbers

Thu 21 Jan 3

PLUS: Netflix waters down comments about unblocker crackdown | Netflix quarterly result | With special feature audio

Nielsen research director Tony Boyte

Nielsen tracks explosion in mobile internet, internet TV

Wed 20 Jan

The rise of mobile, streaming radio, streaming internet and more | Netflix growth slows in Australia. With special audio feature.

Kiwis more optimistic, but don't want to spend

Wed 24 Jul

Confidence in the economy is up, but putting money aside still a priority, surveys reveal.

Radio NZ continues to top commercial rivals

Mon 14 Jan 19

Survey results show the state broadcaster is again the No 1 station.

Kiwis prefer eating out more than entertaining at home

Fri 23 Nov 2

New survey reveals a growing trend.

Nielsen's first Top 10 ratings under the system (for May; click to enlarge)

Website traffic: Nielsen drops monthly unique browser count

Mon 20 Aug 3

Audience numbers for Trade Me, Stuff and others fall back to earth as Nielsen takes a new approach – and that it says overcomes the weaknesses of two different rating systems.


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