NZIER senior economist Christina Leung

IN FOCUS: What’s next for the Reserve Bank's policy target agreement?

Wed 20 Jul 1

Should the central bank continue with inflation targeting or should it look into other regimes? With special feature audio.

NZ Institute of Economic Research senior economist Christina Leung

Economy on the rebound, investment and hiring surging

Tue 5 Jul

Skills shortages emerging as firms defy pessimists and expand even further. With special feature audio.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Poll result: How would Brexit affect New Zealand?

Fri 24 Jun 2

Will Britain stay or will it go? With special feature audio.

ELDERLY POPULATION EXPANDING:  But many don’t have health insurance

Budget 2016: Where is long-term healthcare funding?

Fri 13 May

New Zealand already spends a bigger chunk of its tax revenue on healthcare than any OECD country – about $15 billion annually.

Booming services sector signals further economic growth

Fri 13 May

The changing focus of New Zealand’s economy toward services and away from goods exports is well-positioned to gather pace, experts say. 

NZIER senior economist Christina Leung

Wages growth remains low as unemployment creeps up

Wed 4 May

Although strong migration is creating increased demand, it’s also increasing the supply of workers, an economist says. With special feature audio.


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