Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett

'Small cost' in removing carbon subsidy from big emitters: NZIER

Fri 5 Feb 3

The ETS now only allows trade in NZ units and the price has been edging toward $10 a tonne.

Editor’s Insight: Arts funding – send in the crowds

Wed 3 Feb 2

An economist says the the public should have a bigger say in how public money is spent. With special audio feature.

NZIER senior economist Christina Leung (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Firms on hiring spree as business mood rebounds

Tue 19 Jan

Optimism returns, with firms investing and hiring more into 2016. With special audio feature.

NZIER senior economist Christina Leung

Business confidence out of the doldrums

Tue 19 Jan

Increasing confidence doesn't drop to bottom line.

BERL chief economists Dr Ganesh Nana

Current inflation targeting ‘inhibits a productive economy’

Mon 7 Dec 1

NBR poll participants assess whether the way inflation in New Zealand is measured is the best way it could be done - with special audio feature.

Growth needs more than low interest rates

Fri 4 Dec

The prospect of the low interest environment continuing into next year and beyond may rule out any return of high growth rates.


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