Arvida CEO chairman Peter Wilson (left) and shareholder Dan Carter (Calida Smylie)

Why the All Blacks invested in Arvida

Thu 18 Dec 14 1

“But just as with any IPO, it’s what happens after listing which matters," chairman Peter Wilson says. 

Arvida CEO Bill McDonald (from left to right), non-executive director Michael Ambrose, chairman Peter Wilson and shareholder Dan Carter (Calida Smylie)

Shares of Arvida edge up in debut on NZX

Thu 18 Dec 14 3

Shares rose 2% on its NZX debut.

NZX chief executive Tim Bennett

Superlife acquisition creates short sell opportunities

Thu 18 Dec 14 4

NZX’s new acquisition of Superlife means more shares available for shorting in NZ.

Arvida Group chairman Peter Wilson, CEO Bill McDonald and CFO Jeremy Nicoll

Final listing for 2014 has an All Black ring to it

Wed 17 Dec 14

The listing bell for the last company to launch on the NZX this year is set to ring tomorrow.

NZX chief executive Tim Bennett: Says there is enough information available for investors in NZX’s purchase of SuperLife

SuperLife deal puts NZX disclosure and conflict policies in focus

Sat 13 Dec 14 3

The NZX is buying a KiwiSaver provider with $1.27B of funds under management.

Powerhouse Ventures managing director Stephen Hampson

Powerhouse Ventures mulls $40 million IPO

Thu 11 Dec 14 4

Business incubator backed by Crown agencies NZVIF and Callaghan Innovation eyes NZX.


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