Institute of Directors chief executive Simon Arcus

Diversity a catchphrase but what’s actually changing?

Fri 24 Jun 5

Of the top 122 companies listed on the NZX, 32% have no women on their boards and 77% have less than 30%. With special feature audio.

Emma and Michael Hill

Michael Hill shareholders give green light for move to Oz

Thu 23 Jun

Why could a move to the ASX help with the company's long-running tax problems?

FMA capital markets director Garth Stanish

FMA gives NZX a glowing report

Thu 23 Jun 3

The market regulator has to report annually on how the stock market operator is doing.

Alan Galbraith QC

Ralec's Pym says Clear hoped rebates would lure major grain buyers

Mon 20 Jun 2

Ralec's $A14 million counterclaim says NZX and former chief Mark Weldon under-funded the business, which meant it couldn't meet earn-out targets.

New Zealand Shareholders Association chairman John Hawkins

Shareholders Association calls for change at NZX

Mon 20 Jun 9

The NZSA is pushing hard to stop notices on the NZX from being removed so soon.

Former NZX chief Mark Weldon

When Mark Weldon lost his rag

Wed 15 Jun 4

Former NZX chief executive Mark Weldon lost his temper with the founders of the Australian Clear Grain Exchange during telephone conversations which the two men recorded. With special feature audio.


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